An analysis of the fantasy world in willa cathers short story pauls case

Overview[ edit ] Around the turn of the century, Pittsburgh was an industrial center with a successful class of business leaders. New York City was known to be a place that one can escape to.

He is dressed in clothes that are simultaneously shabby and debonair. The faculty members have a difficult time articulating their true feelings about Paul. Deep down, they believe that Paul loathes, feels contempt for, and is repulsed by them.

An analysis of the fantasy world in willa cathers short story pauls case

They lash out at Paul, but he betrays no emotion. Instead, he smiles throughout the barrage of criticism. Privately, the drawing master remembers seeing Paul asleep one day in class and being shocked at his aged appearance. As the teachers depart, they feel embarrassed about their viciousness toward Paul.

Paul goes straight to Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh, where he works as an usher. He is excellent at his job, performing every aspect of it with great enthusiasm.

An analysis of the fantasy world in willa cathers short story pauls case

He is annoyed when his English teacher arrives and he must seat her, but he comforts himself with the knowledge that her clothes are inappropriate for so fancy a venue.

The symphony begins, and Paul loses himself in the music. As he listens, he feels full of life. After the performance, he trails the star soprano to her hotel, the Schenley, and imagines vividly that he is following her inside the luxurious building.

As if awaking from a dream, Paul realizes that he is actually standing in the cold, rainy street. He dreads returning to his room, with its ugly knickknacks and pictures of John Calvin and George Washington.

As he reaches Cordelia Street, where he lives, Paul feels depressed and repulsed by the commonness and ordinariness of his middle-class neighborhood.

Willa Cather Essay Examples - Download Free or Order Unique Paper | EliteEssayWriters Nov 24, Keith Rasche rated it really liked it Paul's Case is a short story and probably not as famous as some of Willa Cather's other writings, but it stuck out to me because I could understand the character and his rebellious nature against the society that was trying to force him do things that would make him become something that he despised.

Unable to face his father, Paul sneaks into the basement, where he stays awake all night imagining what would happen if his father mistook him for a burglar and shot him—or recognized Paul in time, but later in life wished that he had shot his son.

The next day, Paul sits on the porch with his sisters and father. Many people are outside, relaxing. It is a pleasant scene, but Paul is disgusted by it.

His father chats with a young clerk whom he hopes Paul will emulate. After managing to get carfare from his father by pretending that he needs to study with a friend, Paul goes to see Charley Edwards, a young actor who lets Paul hang around his dressing room and watch rehearsals.

Rather, Paul gets pleasure solely from theater and music, which are the only things that make him feel alive. At school, Paul tells outrageous lies about his close friendships with the members of the theater company and the stars who perform at Carnegie Hall.

Their lives are difficult, not the glamorous dream worlds that Paul imagines. Paul takes an overnight train and arrives in New York City, where he buys expensive clothes, hats, and shoes.

The eighth-floor rooms are nearly perfect. The narrator explains what has happened to make all this possible: He is using this stolen money to fund his spree in New York.

After a nap, Paul takes a carriage ride up Fifth Avenue. He notices banks of flowers, bright and vibrant, protected by glass from the snow. He dines at the hotel while listening to an orchestra play the Blue Danube. He feels utterly content.

Paul’s Case

The next day, Paul meets a rich boy who attends Yale. The two of them enjoy a night on the town, staying out until 7 a.Analysis of Paul’s Case by Willa Cather Essay Words | 11 Pages. According to many readers of Paul’s Case, this is a short story that shows affection, passion, and most of all enthusiasm.

A short summary of Willa Cather's Paul’s Case: A Study in Temperament. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Paul’s Case: A Study in Temperament.

How to Write Literary Analysis; How to Cite This SparkNote; Paul has been suspended from his high school in Pittsburgh. As the story opens, he arrives at a meeting with. Willa Cather's "Paul's Case" has more than one theme, but the characters and setting certainly support all themes: 1.

Deception - Feeling trapped in the materialsitic and petty world of steel. Pauls Case The Short Story by Willa Cather Sometimes in movie production a film is developed from a piece of literature. Directors will use the plot of a book either to create a unique movie, or to give the audience a chance to see what their favorite book is like when acted out on the screen.

Aug 19,  · Analysis of Paul’s Case “Paul’s Case,” by Willa Cather tells the story of a young boy who is disillusioned by his suburban lifestyle. A constant nuisance to his teacher’s, Paul belittles the world around him with a sort of arrogance. Willa Cather first published “Paul’s Case” in a issue of McCall’s Magazine and almost since the day that edition was delivered to doors across the country, the story has been one of the most anthologized in the history of.

The sad, strange tale of a young man who may be simply nothing more than a simple non-conformist has since.

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