Hca 270 week 9 final project implementing emr

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Hca 270 week 9 final project implementing emr

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Mark the best answer to each of the following questions: Smith calls the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. How should you answer the phone? Can I help you?

Hello, this is Shirley. How can I help you? Which of the following is not part of the closing procedures? Run account reports and balance day sheet. Turn the phones over to the answering service or voicemail.

Turn off all office equipment. Which of the following is not part of the registration process? Identify the type of insurance. Schedule patient for follow-up visit. Jones walks into the clinic without an appointment and insists on being seen, but there are no openings.

What do you do?

Hca 270 week 9 final project implementing emr

Find out the reason she needs to see the doctor and ask a nurse to speak to her to determine if the doctor should be asked to see her. You simply tell her there are no available appointments and tell her she can schedule for another day. You tell her she can wait for 5 to 6 hours, and you will work her in.

Melissa presents to the front desk with her insurance card and you determine after checking eligibility that the card is not active.

Let her be seen anyway and tell her you will bill her later. You explain to her the insurance is not valid and tell her she will be self-pay for the date of service and explain the possible charges.

You tell her she cannot be seen because she has no insurance. You tell her you will spend some time trying to find out who takes her insurance and let her know in a few days where she can go. Jenkins calls the office in a panic because her husband is having chest pain. You already have three other patients on hold.IS Final Project Chris Wiginton Arguing a Position/ Medical Marijuana Strategies for Promoting Positive Behaviour According with the Policies and Procedures of the Setting.

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ENR Southeast Project Showcase Archive. ENR Southeast is asking the A/E/C community of the Southeast region (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, . HCA Week 2 Individual Assignment Cultural Considerations – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on initiativeblog.com - id: Y2RlN Final Project Resources HCA Week 9 Capstone DQ HCA Week 9 Final Project Implementing EMR Model HCA Week 2 DQ 1 and DQ 2 HCA Week 2 Individual Assignment.

The HCA was N/A In London the HCA London Board became See GLA. (4pm-8pm); Brent Civic Centre on Saturday 26th July (1 to 5pm) and as part of Sudbury week of action on 28th and 30th July (12am-4pm).

46 ID / Name Summary 25 It would be reassuring if the Council would commit itself to implementing the general views expressed by the. Training is a critical part of health information technology implementations, but little emphasis is placed on post-implementation training to support day-to-day activities.

Week 9 emr implementation final project 1. ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS IMPLEMENTATION Daphiny Ragone HCA/ July 29, Maureen Kilzer.

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