Htaccess rewrite all except folder

Supports conditional stylesheets e. The enqueueing order and dependencies should be handled correctly.

Htaccess rewrite all except folder

B1 Fools all spambots at present B2 Fools most spambots at present. C Address is visible.

htaccess rewrite all except folder

E Address is clickable. My enhanced JavaScript trick One spambot is wise to the first JavaScript trick listed above, but it's poorly written, and sees only the part of an address after the hyphen.

So you can use document. You can then just block any mail to me example. This doesn't fool all spambots, but it fools most, and as always, it's best to fight what you can. If spambots get wise to this, this trick will be useless. Users hate it when they can't see the address.

Forces webmail users to retype the address, or at least edit it. You can put instructions about that in there, but then the page starts getting cluttered. You can overcome this by including an option to cc: Doesn't work well if email address appears on every page vs. You will probably accidenally deny htaccess rewrite all except folder to some legitimate users.

It only takes a few clicks, but anyone who wants to email from your website will have to go through that hassle. More on SpamArrest SpamArrest is described in more detail above, but here's the technical explanation of how it works, especially since it's not explained well on their website: SpamArrest periodically downloads all your mail to their system, automatically.

SpamArrest sends out the autoresponder to everyone who sent you a message, who's not already on your whitelist and who hasn't already confirmed their address.

Once a sender confirms their address, SpamArrest moves all validated mail into a separate mailbox. You download the verified mail from that separate mailbox, which is all spam-free. To you, the whole process is pretty transparent. From your perspective, you just have a different login to access your mail, and when you get it there's no spam.

Years ago I listed SpamArrest here but then removed that info because back then SpamArrest had a habit of sending separate messages to people who got one of teh autoresponses, asking them to sign up for SpamArrest.

What is browser caching and expires headers?

That's pretty much spam itself, ironically. But SpamArrest was lambasted on the net for that practice and they learned their lesson and no longer do that, and even wrote it into their new privacy policy.

I tested this with several addresses and I never got any spam from them, so I'm satisfied that they're clean. You can sign up for SpamArrest here. If you sign up from that link, I get a commission.

Starting over with a new address If the amount of spam you're getting is burdensome you may have little choice other than to start over with a new email address. Of course this is never convenient or fun. It's easier if your email provider provides Autoresponder service, so that anyone who sends mail to your old address automatically receives a message back telling them your new address.

Don't worry, it's unlikely that spammers will pick up your new address from the autoresponder. Spammers send to thousands or millions of addresses at the same time and they get thousands of bounce messages since many of the addresses they sent to are outdated. Spammers don't waste their time going through the thousands of bounce messages to see if someone posted their new address with an autoresponder.

In Yahoo, you can set up an autoresponder with the "Vacation Response" feature. Just tell it you're on vacation forever.

Where spammers get their addresses Spammers get their addresses from many places, but these are probably the most common: If you have a website with your address on it, I don't have to ask whether you're getting spam to that address.

I know you are. When you buy something online or just make an online inquiry, disreputable businesses sell your email address to spammers. Obviously this is more likely if you're buying something from a spam email, or if you're buying something sleazy itself pharmaceuticals, porn.htaccess: how to deny access to all except by me for specific folder.

0. Deny all IPs but one. initiativeblog.comss maintenance mode rewrite. 0. only allow my IP to view site htacess. 0. How to initiativeblog.comss if file path is *.css redirect. htaccess redirect to HTTPS except a few urls. Ask Question.

htaccess rewrite all except folder

up vote 4 down vote favorite. 4. Browse other questions tagged regex initiativeblog.comss mod-rewrite redirect or ask your own question. asked. 3 years, 10 months ago.

viewed. 9, times. active. 27 . htaccess Cheat Sheet All the important initiativeblog.comss web server rules and config options Remember that for most rules you must have the RewriteEngine on rule in initiativeblog.comss file!!! Rewrite and Redirection. Serve All Requests With One PHP File; initiativeblog.comss for permalinks; This will allow access to all IPs EXCEPT the .

Anytime you migrate a web site, or even just move a single page to a new URL, redirects make sure that your users don’t get lost in the shuffle.

I can not exclude folder from rewrite rules. up vote 0 down vote favorite. I'm running a Joomla site and I'm using rewrite. I have a subfolder, that doesn't belong to the joomla site. Like johanpw said initiativeblog.comss checks if the folder exists.

Is the folder password protected? That makes the folder check fail and Joomla show Hi John, I recently set up the Cookie-Based Brute Force Login Prevention Feature with the All in One Security plugin, so would I need to add this extra form security?

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