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Online physics tutor

Physics is the essential of daily life and technology as: Radio, Radar, artificial satellite, Hydrostatic power station, Nuclear reactor, Diesel engine, firm reactor and Computer etc. They belong to daily life as well technology.

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The electric power used for domestic purposes is only due to change of magnetic flux. Laser used for treatment in medical field and Defence. Electroplating, Astronomy and Defence are working only due to Physics.

Nuclear Physics is used to produce electric power on a large scale. Automobile technology works on the base of thermodynamic Physics. Radar technology works on the principle of reflection and propagation. In short, this period is totally at rest without Physics.

Write the contributions of Ibn-ul-Haitham? He gave the laws of relfection and refraction. He explained the luminous, non-luminous transparent and transparent objectives. He described the different parts of eye. According to Ibn-ul-Haitham, when light passes through a medium then it takes minimum time to take its path.

This is known as Fermate Principle. The nature of light is the form of energy according to him. He explained the refraction of light.

He explained the image formed by concave mirror. Write the contribution of Al-Beruni? Or In what way Al-Beruni was a versatile Scientist. He was the famous scientist of Golden age.

He was a scholar, astronomer, physician, and mathematician. He wrote more than one hundred and fifty books on physics Mathematics, Geography, etc. He discussed the measurement of earth, the shape of the earth, the movement of sun and moon, the phases of the moon and the movement of then known planets in his famous book Qanoon Al Masoodi.

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He gave the method of determining the longitude and altitude of place. He also determined the densities of the metals. In the fight of above contribution, Al-Beruni is called Versatile Scientist.

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What are the contributions of Yaqoob Kundi. He was a famous Arab philosopher. He has books at his credit. He gave the idea about specific gravity and Waves. He worked in the field of optics and explained the appearance of blue colour in the sky.

He explained the idea that gold cannot be made from other metals. He also explained music from scientific point of view by expressing the different notes of music in terms of frequencies. He was one of greatest scientists of his time. He was an important member of the great institution of hearing the Bait-ul- Hikmat established by the great Abbasied Caliph Mamun-ur-Rasheed.

He was the founder of Algebra. He also gave analytical solutions of linear and quadratic equations. He introduced the method of counting based on numerals and decimal system which is used all over the world until now.

He was also involved in the measurement of angles. He simplified the method of addition, subtraction, multiplications and divisions. Write the contribution of Nasi-ud-din Bin Hassan Tusi. A great mathematician, astronomer, geographer and astrologer of his time.Connect with a live, online Physics tutor.

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Online physics tutor

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