Santiagos awareness of surroundings

So less than a year and I'm running a freaking half marathon. And the really really weird thing -- I think I was more freaked out about my first 5k in January. I don't have too many words to sum this one up.

Santiagos awareness of surroundings

There is a very vocal crowd that despises the ship as if it personally crushed all their hopes and dreams. You can like what you like and dislike what you dislike. Peridot is always there for Lapis, Lapis does nothing for Peridot. Peridot already went through a ton of development and adjustment before Lapis ever moved into the barn with her.

Steven and the rest of the Gems helped her to grow. Helped her to become a new and better gem. A different gem from the one Lapis knew during her imprisonment on the ship. Peridot is to Lapis what Steven was to Peridot.

So yeah, Peridot will be doing a lot of heavy lifting in that department. And I am by no means trying to diminish what Peridot went through, what she sacrificed and her effort in getting over all that Homeworld programming.

But Lapis got caught up in a war she was never meant to be apart of. Lapis was imprisoned in a mirror for thousands and thousands of years. And when she finally made it through all that, finally got to go home, she was betrayed and made a prisoner all over again. And she does care for Peridot.

She gets involved in Peridots interest.

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P those feelings are obviously reciprocated. If in a more subtle way. Lapis was horrible to Peridot! She broke her recorder! Of course she was! People seem to block out how…forceful Peridot was in Barn Mates. Just an informant necessary for her mission to earth.

Dragging Lapis back to a place she had desperately tried to escape. Peridot was her interrogator. But when the Roaming Eye came and Lapis realized Peridot was telling the truth about everything. She started being more receptive. More willing to get to know Peridot.

Willing to trust her after being shown proof of her truthfulness. Those are my two biggest pet peeves. They both have flaws. Allowed to critique them. And really fucking stop attacking people who disagree with you. Nor is Lapidot, or most any other ship really.Rural 3-bedroom house with fireplace, orange grove, private pool, & A/C in peaceful valley.

Santiagos awareness of surroundings

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A protective social worker observing Cody and his surroundings would probably call this a. Two recent studies will undoubtedly shock individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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