The lost art of letter writing essay

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The lost art of letter writing essay

Contact Author A Friend From A Far In grade school, my first experience with pen pals was a class exchange in which we were to correspond with another class in some Midwestern state.

I remember our teacher explaining the exercise, to write about ourselves, our likes and dislikes. To tell about our school and our class. Maybe something personal about how many siblings we have, or if we have a pet. The letters would be mailed off to the other school in question and distributed and the other class would have to write us something back.

The most simple of letter writing- just a lesson in communication and grammar, I guess. Already a wordsmith from the amount of books that I had read, I took my one sided page of grade school- wide ruled paper and filled every line with as much content as I could get in.

I told about my favorite classes, my teacher. I mentioned that I had a golden retriever. Our letters were sent off, I guess to be distributed at random to the other students. As I recall the letter I got back was extremely dull, the student only writing about three lines about how they were a boy, they were at whatever the name of the school was we had written to, and that he didn't have a dog.

The lost art of letter writing essay

I was jealous of my friend Kristi, who had gotten a full page letter from a girl that was named Donja and was already writing in cursive.

We squinted at her page and tried to read every word. Donja should have been the one to respond to me letter as she chronicled her entire day up to the point where she was writing the letter.

Kristi didn't even care so much about getting a reply, but she did write another letter. I didn't bother to respond to the boy that I had gotten the letter from, as it wasn't required to do so.

For about three years, I got to see Kristi's letters to Donja, who had now exchanged home addresses and pictures.

The lost art of letter writing essay

I lived vicariously through my friend's pen pal, on the search for my own. Source I should have been the one to get the great pen pal that wrote in sloppy cursive and long winded sentences. I knew plenty of words at a young age to express myself, and I was jealous of my friend's experience, as I had gotten the most boring reply for my own pen pal assignment.

The Metal Edge As Kristi was still writing Donja by the time we were approaching middle school, I had never forgotten her sharing of the newest pictures that she had been sent and the tales of growing up in another state. It seemed no matter where you lived, the issues involving school and growing up were all the same.

So I started looking in the back of magazines that I subscribed to as I noticed that some had submission forms for pen pal exchanges.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing Essay

The idea now is of course ridiculous to trust that a magazine would swap addresses with two strangers and hope that one wasn't a serial killer and show up and murder the other.

Heck, even email and message boards online were becoming just as dangerous as the internet matured, but back then I thought nothing about signing up for a pen pal exchange on a form in Metal Edge Magazine, a music publication that featured hard rock and eighties heavy metal acts.Here's my full essay for the 'positive or negative development' question that we've been looking at over the last few weeks.

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The letters that started arriving in Nottingham were, on the whole, addressing themselves to this idea of the loss of letter-writing.

The Metal Edge

Mar 13,  · "In a letter to his wife, painter Walt Kuhn writes, 'One should never forget that the power of words is limited,'" reads the books introduction. In this open letter to doubters of the Latter-day Saint faith, the well-known author Terryl Givens does not attempt direction to resolve uncertainties and.

That I, whose experience of teaching is extremely limited, should presume to discuss education is a matter, surely, that calls for no apology.

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